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Custom Menus

Use the Custom Menus feature to add, edit, or delete your menu items. Whether you're linking to a page in your site, a secure form, or even a file, the Custom Menus application can play a vital part of your site. Managing your menu is simple and takes only a few seconds.

Getting to your Menu
Your Custom Menus can be accessed via Dashboard> Website Management> Advanced> Custom Menus. It should leave you at the following screen:
From here, select the Menu you would like to edit. There may be several listed (as shown above). If you aren't sure about which you need to edit, reach out to Tech Support and they will be able to assist.
Adding a Menu Item
When you've selected your Menu, you will see a screen like the one below:
By using the two fields at the top, users are able to add to the Menu. The name of the Menu item would be placed under Link Title. These are the items that the site's visitors will see on the Menu bar. The Link URL is where the visitor is taken when the Menu item is clicked. If it is a page on your the Internal Link tool  () can be used to select it. When clicked, the internal link tool will bring up the following screen:
Select your page from the list and you'll be brought back to the Menu Screen - the Link URL Field will now contain the address to the page (as shown below):
If everything is correct, click ADD Menu Item to add it to the list of current Menu Items. When finished, click Save Title and Links to save and publish your changes to your site.
Editing an Existing Menu Item
To make a change to an existing Menu Item, click on the item's Title or URL - this will highlight the field and allow for typing.
-To Delete an item, click the silver icon on the far right (shown above).
-To reorder the Menu items, click and hold the cross icon on the far left and drag the item.
When finished, click Save Title and Links to save and publish your changes to your site.

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