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Snippets & Custom Elements

It's really common to see websites that have videos on a page using YouTube or Vimeo players on a page, This article will show you how to implement these third-party embeds on your site while still keeping your content area free of unnecessary clutter.

Embedded third-party items are being used more and more often in organizations that want to make their resources available to visitors in one place. Our system allows for this and does so in a way that keeps these items out of the way by using the Snippet & Elements area of the Content Manager. Adding this third-party code allows the code to be added to a Snippet/Element which acts as a central storage place for the code. The element is assigned a macro code the acts as a placeholder. This allows the item to be placed in multiple locations on your site without causing any shifting or distortion of the content already on the page in the content editor.
Step 1:
Copy the embed code for the item you would like to place on your site. One of the most common requests is on how to add YouTube videos to a website, so this will document that process.
On YouTube, access the video and click on the Share link under the video. Once that has been done, click Embed to and copy the embed code that will be displayed (see image below).
Step 2:
Once you've copied the embed code, access Content Manager> Snippets & Elements> Create A New Snippet Or Element. When it opens, give the element a title and paste the code into the large Element / Snippet Code area. Click Save Element then Back To Elements when finished.
Step 3:
You should now be back at the list of elements. Copy the macro code assigned to the element you've just created and click Web Pages on left menu and access the page that you would like to place the element on.
Step 4:
Paste the macro onto the page you would like the element to appear on. This element will align like text, so be sure to place it exactly where you would like the item to show on your website.
Step 5:
When you've finished placing and positioning the macro, click Save Page. This will save and publish your changes to your website. To view the updates, click View Page.

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