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Accessing Your Email Accounts

E-mail accounts allow you to send and receive e-mail through our webmail client, your favorite desktop software, or your mobile phone. These are the typical settings needed to access your mail from most mail clients.

Web Mail Access
You can access your e-mail through our web-based portal located at https://mail.stablerack.com/. When you arrive at the login screen, enter your e-mail address and the password you chose when you created your e-mail account. You can create e-mail accounts through the E-MAIL MANAGER located in the Account Desktop.
Desktop / Mobile Device Access
You can also connect to your e-mail account using any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The following are the typical settings needed to set up your devices:
Incoming Mail Server: mail.stablerack.com
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.stablerack.com
Username: <your e-mail address>
Password: <your password>
Protocol: POP or IMAP
SMTP Authentication: Required (same settings as incoming mail server)
IMAP Port: 143
SMTP: Port 25 (alternate required for some internet service providers: 587)
POP: 110
Encryption: TLS (incoming and outgoing)
Keep in mind that the main difference between POP and IMAP is that POP downloads your e-mail to whatever software you are using to check email while IMAP stores the e-mail on our system, enabling you to synchronize e-mail across multiple devices. The downside to IMAP is that you can run out of storage space if you are not regularly cleaning out or archiving your e-mail.

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