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Importing People Data

You can easily import people data into our platform by uploading a CSV format, mapping its fields to ours, and watching the data populate automatically.

To import your data, create a CSV file that can be opened in Excel. This can usually be created manually in Excel or as an export from any populate database system. Once you have done so:

  1. Sign into your Client Dashboad
  2. Click on PEOPLE MANAGEMENT on the left
  4. Click the green UPLOAD A NEW BATCH button
  5. Once your import file appears, click the green EDIT button.
  6. Click the checkbox next to "First Row Contains Field Names" only if the first row of your CSV contains the field names associated with the data.
  7. Map any of your CSV fields that apply to our database fields.
  8. Choose any options for memberships, categories, etc. that apply.
  9. Click SAVE IMPORT

Once you save your import settings, wait for up to an hour for your records to import completely. Check back on the PEOPLE IMPORT page for updates on the status of your import.

Version 1.1 • Last Updated 11/8/2021 1:35:16 PM

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